In the original document, the questions and answers appear together in paragraphs. The testimony is presented here split into questions and answers so it that it is easier to follow. All spelling, grammar, and spelling inconsistencies are in the original text. The document is said to contian the verbatim record of the witnesses’ testimony in the 1845 trial of those accused in the murder of Joseph Smith.

Mr. Bedell sworn:

Where do you reside?

In Warsaw.

Did you live there at the time the Smiths where killed?

I did.

Where you there on the night the Smiths where killed?

Yes I was there on the 27th of June 1845.

Did you see Sharp there that day?

I saw him come into town in the evening a little before Sun set.

Who was in company with him?

I don’t recollect seeing any one in company with him.

How was he traveling?

On horse back.

You are scertain he did not come into town in a two horse Bugy [sic, Buggy]?

I saw him come into town riding upon a cream collard [sic, colored] horse.

Where did Sharp stop when he came in?

A little above his own dwelling in the same dwelling.

He dismounted there?

I think he did.

How far was that from Fleming’s taveron [sic, tavern]?

About 40 yards.

Will you tell us about that 500 dollars you offered to Daniels?

I did not offer it to him, or any thing els.

Cross escamined [sic, examined] by Mr. Lamborn.

Did you know there was an express sent out that night from Warsaw to Quincy?

I know a great meny persons went to Quincy in the Boarus.

Did you see Sharp or Gregg in the place about dark?

I did not.

I[t] was a little before sun down you saw Sharp come into Warsaw?


You do not pretend to say that Sharp and Gregg was not in a buggy an hour or two after that?

No Sir.

Where [sic, were] you at the shanties that day?

I was not.

Was you in any place beating up for Volenteers to come to Carthage?

I was not.

Was Grover or any of these men about in Warsaw on the forenoon the Smiths were killed?

I did not see them.

Where Did you see Davis that day?

5 or 6 miles from Warsaw.

Did he start back with you?

Yes, He asked me to get off my hores [sic, horses] and let him have it. but I refused to let him go suposing he wanted him to go to Carthage but I did let him go as he (Davis) was going to see some freinds; He asked me for him a second time but I refused to let go if he was going to Carthage with him and he told me to go and tell them not to go to Carthage.

What time did you get into Warsaw?

Early in the afternoon.

Did you see Davis after that?

I am not positive that I saw him after that.

Cross examined by Browning.

How was Davis traveling?

There was a waggon in the company but when I saw him he was on foot.

Whose waggon was it?

I don’t know

Court adjourned till 7 o’clock next morning.