In the original document, the questions and answers appear together in paragraphs. The testimony is presented here split into questions and answers so it that it is easier to follow. All spelling, grammar, and spelling inconsistencies are in the original text. The document is said to contian the verbatim record of the witnesses’ testimony in the 1845 trial of those accused in the murder of Joseph Smith.

John Carlisle sworn.:

Are you aquainted with William M. Daniels?

I have seen him.

Did you ever have any conversation with him about the killing of the Smiths?

I have.

When and where?

at Mr. Scots.


It was the night of the same day the Smiths was killed

Did Daniels sleep at the Scots that night?

He was there part of the night I don’t know if he slept there.

Was he in bed there?


Who with?

With myself.

Tell the jury what he said to you upon the subject of killing the Smiths Did he state any thing about wether he had any thing to do with it?

He said he was not satisfied that they where [sic, were] killed and he only came there to be A spectator.

Did he state wether he was present when they were killed?

He did not state to me that he was all that he said to me was that he was not satisfied they where [sic, were] killed.

Cross examined by Mr. Lamburn.

What time did he say they were killed?

He did not tell me.

What time of night was when you had this conversation?

It was late bed time.

He did not say what time it was when they where [sic, were] killed?


Did he tell who killed them?

He said they were shot.

Did he say anything about the guards?


Was you at the railroad shanties that day?


Was you along with the companys that day?


Where was you that day?

I was in Carthage in the morning.

What was you going in Carthage that morning?

I was here on particular buisness.

What time did you leave to go home?

In the forenoon.

Was Smith killed when you left?

I supose not.

Did you hear any thing that they were about to be killed?


What time did Daniels get to the house that you staid in that night?

I cannot tell.

How meny did Daniels say came up from the Shanties?

He did not tell me. I only asked him one question.

What was that?

I asked him what his name was, and he told me that he heard at the shanties the Smiths where [sic, were] to be killed and he came up to see to satisfie [sic, satisfy] himself.

Had you heard the Smiths were dead before he told you?

I had.

This was at Larkin Scots?


Who was present when he told you?

Not any person

Was any thing stated as to you being A witteness in this case?

I did not know I should have to be A witteness till last saterday week.

Have you told any body about it since then?

Yes I told Thomas Dall

Who called on you for a witteness?

Thomas Dall.

You were called upon to prove I supose that Daniels heard that the Smiths were dead and came to town to see if it was so?

Daniels told me that he was at the princes shanties when the Smiths were murdered and he went to see if the report was true.

How long is it since you told Dalls of what Daniels said to you?

About a week.

That was before you was called upon to be a witeness?

I do not recollect.

How long ago is it since you told him?

I cannot tell.

How meny weeks ago?

I cannot tell you.

Is it two months ago?


Did you tell any body els about it before?


Was he asking you what you knew about it?

I don’t know.

How came he to ask you to be a witteness.

I cannot tell.

Did he not come to you and ask you what you knew about it?


Cross examined by Browning.

Was it not in the same conversation that he told you to be a witteness?

Yes it was in the same conversation it all came in conversation together.