In the original document, the questions and answers appear together in paragraphs. The testimony is presented here split into questions and answers so it that it is easier to follow. All spelling, grammar, and spelling inconsistencies are in the original text. The document is said to contian the verbatim record of the witnesses’ testimony in the 1845 trial of those accused in the murder of Joseph Smith.

Coalman Garrat sworn:

Where do you reside?

I live in Taylor County.

Do you know A man by the name of Daniels?

I do.

Did you ever hear him say anything upon the subject of his being A witteness on this case against these men?

I have.

Tell the jury.

He stated he was getting pretty well paid, I asked him what he was doing at that time he said he had quit coopering and never expected to do any more hard work he said he could make money easier than with coopering I think it was either 5 or 6 hundred dollars the Mormons had to give him and at that time he had got some for I got 50 cents of it myself for some butter.

Did he say what they where [sic, were] to give him this money for?

Yes it was for giving his evedence against these men.

Where was this conversation?

In Quincy last winter.

Had you known Daniels before that time?

I have known him about two years.

You were at Quincy marketing?


Did he purchas[e] any thing of you?

No not at that time.

You say you once got money from him and he said he got it from him and he said he got it from the Mormons?

He did not tell me at that time but he told me afterward it was some of the money he had got from the Mormons.

He bought some butter from you and told you that was some money he had got from the Mormons as he paid you?


When Daniels was talking with you about this 500 dollars Did he say the Mormons was paying him that to come hear (sic) and swear A lie?

He did not say “a lie” but to come hear (sic) and swear against these men.

Did Daniels say any thing about the Mormons getting anybody else?


Did he not say they where [sic, were] going to hire of who are not Mormons to tell the truth?

No. He told me the Governor was to pay him three hundred dollars. I thought he was just roamancing then and did not beleive the Governor or the Mormons either had paid him A cent.

Cross examined by Lamborn:

Was you here at the time the Smiths were killed?

No I was in Nauvoo.

Did you know any thing about this matter before it happened?

I did not.

Did you know anything about the having their guns loaded with blanck [sic, blank] caterage [sic, cartridges]?

I did not.

At the time you was speaking to Daniels was he A Mormon?


Did he not tell you he had contemplated to go away for the state paid him for his time?


He said Governor Ford was to give him three hundred dollars and the Twelve at Nauvoo 500?

He said 5 or 6 hundred.

Court adjourned till half past 1 p.m.