In the original document, the questions and answers appear together in paragraphs. The testimony is presented here split into questions and answers so it that it is easier to follow. All spelling, grammar, and spelling inconsistencies are in the original text. The document is said to contian the verbatim record of the witnesses’ testimony in the 1845 trial of those accused in the murder of Joseph Smith.

John Pike sworn.:

Mr. Pike are you aquainted with a man by the name of William Daniels?

I know him when I see him.

Have you had any conversation with him about the killing of the Smiths?

I have

I will get you to state to the jury when and where that conversation took place.

I know but little about it but what little I do know I got from the mans own mouth. On the evening the Smiths was willed just before they were killed I was leaving Carthage for home, and Mr. Daniels ketched up with me and Mr. Fullar. We had got up near Widow Hallys field a little round the corner Mr. Daniels got up with me and Mr. Fullar when he got up to us he seemed to be in a considerable bluster and complained of being tired I asked him what had tired him he said he was among the first section of men that jumped the fence and attacked the gaurd and said he had a scuffle with Worrel saing [sic, saying] what a stout man Worrel was “for it took four of them to hold him down and then he got up and drew his sword but I catched the sword with one of my hands and struck his rist with my other hand and he let the sword go I then threw the sword over the fence into the garden in the northwest corner of the garden across the street” he told me and Mr. Fullar to tell him where the sword lay if any of us should see him before he did I cannot tell you all that he said at that time I beleive he stated something about Davis taking back his company to Warsaw and said (I beleive) that he would ride home on a rail because he would not come to Carthage, He did not say anything as I recollect about any of the rest of the men.

Cross examined by Mr. Lamborn:

Did he say anything about A marvelous flash light?


What did he tell you about it?

He said there was a flash of lightening came down there at the time.

Did he say anything about there (sic) setting him up against the well curb?

Not that I recollect.

You say he did saw something about a flash of light?


Was he scared when Jo was killed?

Yes he appeared very much scared.

You as (sic, was) not at the jail yourself?

No but I saw the smoke of the guns.

Did you ever see Worrel after to tell him about his sword?