In the original document, the questions and answers appear together in paragraphs. The testimony is presented here split into questions and answers so it that it is easier to follow. All spelling, grammar, and spelling inconsistencies are in the original text. The document is said to contian the verbatim record of the witnesses’ testimony in the 1845 trial of those accused in the murder of Joseph Smith.

George Seabole sworn.:

Will you tell the jury where you live?

I live in Quincy.

What trade do you follow?

I follow coopering.

Are you aquainted with Daniels?


Where did you get aquainted with him?

In Quincy.

Did he work in the same shop with you?


In What shop?

In Chatmans.

Is it opposite the city hotel?


Did you ever have any conversation with him upon the subject of his being a witteness in this case?


I will get you to tell the jury what Daniels said?

He told one he could make 500 dollars in the way of speculation I asked him what the speculation was but he did not tell me at that time he told me again afterwards when he said it was A thing he did not wish to undertake that there was A man in the city hotel that had offered it to him.

Cross examined by Mr. Lamborn

He said he had a scertain way of making A speculation Did he say what this man would give him the 500 dollars for?

Yes, he said it was for the prosecution of these men.

What men did he name?

He did not mention names he said for the prosecution of the men that where [sic, were] said to be the murderers of the Smiths.