History of the Church, Volume VI (p. 545)

Joseph Smith, Jr.

Abraham C. Hodge says that soon after dusk, Joseph called Hyrum, Willard Richards, John Taylor, William W. Phelps, A.C. Hodge, John L. Butler, Alpheus Cut­ler, William Marks and some others, into his upper room and said, "Brethren, here is a letter from the Governor which I wish to have read." After it was read through Joseph remarked, "There is no mercy-no mercy here."

Hyrum said, "No; just as sure as we fall into their hands we are dead men." Joseph replied, "Yes; what shall we do, Brother Hyrum?" He replied, "I don't know." All at once Joseph's countenance brightened up and he said, "The way is open. It is clear to my mind what to do. All they want is Hyrum and myself; then tell everybody to go about their business, and not to col­lect in groups, but to scatter about. There is no doubt they will come here and search for us. Let them search; they will not harm you in person or property, and not even a hair of your head. We will cross the river tonight, and go away to the West." He made a move to go out of the house to cross the river. When out of doors he told Butler and Hodge to take the Maid of Iowa, (in charge of Repsher) get it to the upper landing, and put his and Hyrum's families and effects upon her; then go down the Mississippi and up the Ohio river to Portsmouth, where they should hear from them. He then took Hodge by the hand and said, "Now, Brother Hodge, let what will come, don't deny the faith, and all will be well."

Letter from Governor Ford to Joseph Smith on the Expositor Affair and Assuring Smith of Protection (June 22, 1944)

Letter of Joseph Smith to Governor Ford in Response to the Governor's June 22 Letter (June 22, 1844)

Personal Narrative of Joseph Smith ("Governor Ford is under the influence of the mob spirit") (June 22, 1844)

Elder John Taylor's Account of Interview with Governornor Ford Concerning His Promise of Safety (June 22, 1844)

Report of Abraham C. Hodge (The Smiths plan to flee to the West)(June 22, 1844)

Account of Arrest and Imprisonment of Joseph and Hyrum Smith, by Willard Richards (June 22-25, 1844)

Letter from Joseph Smith to Governor Ford: Offer to Surrender (June 23, 1844)

Warrant for Arrest of Joseph Smith on the Charge of Treason (June 25, 1844)

Order of Judge R. F. Smith, Sending the Smiths to Jail (June 25, 1844)

Elder John Taylor Confronts Governor Ford About Broken Promises (June 25, 1844)