History of the Church, Volume VI (p. 550)

Joseph Smith, Jr.

Letter: Joseph and Hyrum Smith to Governor Ford – Consenting to go to Carthage.

Sunday, June 23rd, 1844, 2 p.m

His Excellency Governor Ford:

SIR.-I wrote you a long communication at 12 last night, expressive of my views of your Excellency's communication of yesterday. 1 thought your letter rather severe, but one of my friends has just come to me with an explanation from the captain of your posse which softened the subject matter of your communication, and gives us greater assur­ance of protection, and that your Excellency has succeeded in bringing in subjection the spirits which surround your Excellency to some extent. And I declare again the only objection I ever had or ever made on trial by my country at any time, was what I have made in my last letter- ­on account of assassins, and the reason I have to fear deathly conse­quences from their hands.

But from the explanation, I now offer to come to you at Carthage on the morrow, as early as shall be convenient for your posse to escort us into headquarters, provided we can have a fair trial, not be abused nor have my witnesses abused, and have all things done in due form of law, without partiality, and you may depend on my honor without the show of a great armed force to produce excitement in the minds of the timid.

We will meet your posse, if this letter is satisfactory, (it not, inform me) at or near the Mound, at or about two o'clock tomorrow afternoon. which will be as soon as we can get our witnesses and prepare for trial. We shall expect to take our witnesses with us, and not have to wait a subpoena or part at least, so as not to detain the proceedings, although we may want time for counsel.

We remain most respectfully, your Excellency's humble servants,


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