Famous Trials 2: Trials 76-100+
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Pre-1900 Trials
Joan of Arc Trial (1431)
  Gunpowder Plot Trial (1606)
John Lilburne Trials (1638 & 1653)
Trial of Charles I (1641)
  Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette Trials (1792 & 1793)
Alien and Sedition Trials (1798)
Impeachment Trial of Justice Samuel Chase (1805)
Dr. John Webster Trial (1850)
Dred Scott Trial (1856)
Henry Wirz Trial (1865)
Henry Beecher Adultery Trial (1874)
The Frank James Trial (1883)
  Alfred Dreyfus Trials (1894 & 1899)
H. H. Holmes (Herman Mudgett) Trial (1896)
Plessy v Ferguson Trial (1896)
Trials 1900-1974
Dr. Hyde (Swope Murder) Trial (1910)
Clarence Darrow Trial (1912)
  Fatty Arbuckle Trials (1921-22)
Mohandas Gandhi Trial (1922)
Adolf Hitler Trial (1924)
Billy Mitchell Court-Martial (1925)
Ulysses Trial (1933)
Moscow Purge Trials (1936-38)
Ezra Pound Trial (1946)
Tokyo War Crimes Trials (1946-48)

Hollywood Ten Trials (1948-50)[VIDEO]
Fidel Castro Trial (1953)
Adolf Eichmann Trial (1961)
Huey P. Newton Trial (1968)
Clay Shaw (JFK Assassination Conspiracy) Trial (1968-69)
Sirhan Sirhan (RFK Assassination) Trial (1969)
Trials 1975 to Present 
Randall Adams Trial (1977)
Silkwood v Kerr-McGee (1979)
China's "Gang of Four" Trial (1980)
Von Bulow Trials (1982 &1985)
  Mapplethorpe Obscenity Trial (1990)
Tiananmen Square Dissidents Trials (1990)
Manuel Noriega Trial (1991)
John Gotti Trial (1992)
Amy Fisher Trial (1992)
Menendez Brothers' Trials (1993-1996)
Jack Kervorkian Trials (1994-99)
Aaron McKinney (Matthew Shepard Beating) Trial (1999)
Martha Stewart Trial (2003)
Saddam Hussein Trial (2006)
Scooter Libby Trial (2007)
Norway v Breivik (2012)
Whitey Bulger Trial (2013)
Boston Marathon Bomber (Tsarnaev) Trial (2015)

Famous Trials Set 3
Yet More Trials (Wikipedia Links Only)
Pre-1900 Trials
"The Dead Pope Trial" (Cadaver Synod)(897)
Burnt Njals Trial (999-1000)
Le Gris v Carrouges Trial by Combat (1386)
Trial of Gilles de Rais (1440)
Martin Guerre Trials (1560)
Mary Queen of Scots Trial (1586)
Anne Hutchinson Trials (1637 & 1638)
Daniel M'Naghten Trial (1843)
Henry Wirz Trial (1865)
Emile Zola Trial (1898)
Trials 1900-1974
Joe Hill Trial (1914)
Roger Casement Trial (1916)
Anti-Hitler Conspirators Trial (1944)
Vidkun Quisling Trial (1945)
Francis Gary Powers Trial (1960)
Collie Leroy Wilkins Trial (1965)
Angela Davis Trial (1972)
Trials 1975 to Present
Vaclav Havel Trials (1977-89)
Jeffrey MacDonald Trial (1979)
Nicolae and Elena Ceausescu Trial (1989)
Jim Bakker Trial (1989)
William Kennedy Smith Trial (1991)
Mike Tyson Trial (1992)
Amanda Knox Trial (2009)
Casey Anthony Trial (2011)
Dr.Conrad Murray (Michael Jackson) Trial (2011)
Oscar Pistorius Trial (2014)
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