The Man Who Started It All
Charles Darwin

The Man Who Set the Date for Creation
Bishop James Ussher

Author of the Anti-Evolution Act
John Washington Butler

The Man Behind the Scopes Trial
George Rappalyea

The Defendant

John Scopes

The Visiting Prosecuting Attorney
William Jennings Bryan

The Most Famous of the Defense Attorneys
Clarence Darrow

A Scientific Expert
Maynard Metcalf

The Reporter from Baltimore
H.L. Mencken

Brief Notes on Other Trial Participants

Ben G. McKenzie , Prosecutor
A. Thomas Stewart, Prosecutor
Arthur Garfield Hays , Defense Attorney
Dudley Field Malone , Defense Attorney
John Randolph Neal, Defense Attorney
Judge John T. Raulston

Biographies of Key Players in the Evolution Controversy

Charles Darwin William B. Riley
Thomas Huxley William Jennings Bryan
Stephen Jay Gould Henry M. Morris
Steven Pinker Phillip E. Johnson