From the Direct Examination by Hon. Samuel S. Leibowitz

Q: Tell the jury what happened when you got back to Stevenson.

A: When I got to Stevenson I got off and went across the street to get me a pack of cigarettes, and when I got back the train was moving off.

Q: Where did you get on when you came back?

A: I got on between a gondola car and a box car.

* * * * * * * * * *

Q: What happened when you got in there between the box car and the gondola car, tell the jury what you saw?

A: I seen some boys crossing over my head and I didn't pay them any attention, and in about two or three minutes I climbed up to see what was the matter and I saw some boys hopping off the train, white boys.

Q: These boys that came over you were colored boys?

A: Yes, sir.

Q: Just point out where they came from, point out where you actually saw them.

A: I was down between this box car and a gondola car (indicating) [by pointing to a section of a small model of the train] and I climbed up on top to see what was the matter, and in the fourth car from me I saw some white boys.

Q: White boys and colored boys at the same time?

A: Yes sir.

Q: That is where the fight was going on?

A: Yes sir.

Q: The fourth car from where you were?

A: Yes sir.

Q: When you saw them scuffling and fighting, tell the jury what you did.

A: I climbed over and got in between the next box car and gondola car--between two gondola cars.

* * * * * * * * * *

Q: Then what happened?

A: I set down here (indicating). I set there three or four minutes and I seen the boys go back across, but I didn't pay them any attention.

Q: These colored boys there crossed back again?

A: Yes sir.

Q: Did you see any girls in that car where the scuffling was going on?

A: No sir.

Q: Were there any girls in that car as far as you know, in that car where the scuffling was going on?

A: No sir.

Q: You say you remained between these two gondola cars up to what point?

A: Until they got me off at Stevenson, I mean Paint Rock.

Q: That is where they took you off from, between two gondola cars?

A: Yes sir.

Q: Did you rape any women that day?

A: No sir I didn't see any.

Q: Did you have anything to do with this Victoria Price or any girl with her?

A: No, sir.

Q: Did you see any boy rape any woman in that car?

A: No sir.

Q: There wasn't any women at all, so far as you know, in the car where the fighting was going on?

A: No, sir.

* * * * * * * * * *

From the Cross Examination by General Knight

Q: Then what was your position?

A: Not anything, I just seen a fight going on up there and seen some white boys hopping off and I crossed over and got in between two gondola cars and set down.

* * * * * * * * * *

Q: Were you asked this question"Q: Did you hear any fighting?" and your answer, "A: Yes sir, I heard fighting."

A: No, sir, I told them I seen the fight.

Q: Didn't you tell them you heard it?

A: No sir.

Q: Were you not asked this question and didn't you answer, "Q: What words did you hear in there?" "A: I heard some boy say, "get off", heard some boy, I don't know who it was." Did you make that answer?

A: No sir.

Q: On page #47 were you asked this question and did you make this answer: "What did you hear the other boys say?" and didn't you answer: "A: He said he was not going to get off unless they throwed him off." Did you not make that answer?

A: No sir, I didn't.

Q: "Q: Did you hear anybody throw him off?" and you answered: "A: No sir, I seen him climb off."

A: Yes sir, I said I seen him climb off.

Q: Were you not asked this question, if there wasn't seven white boys there and didn't you answer, yes sir?

A: No sir.

COURT: Did you say that.

GENERAL KNIGHT: He didn't phrase it that way.

Q: "Q: They were seven white boys wasn't they?" and his answer was "yes sir."

COURT: Did you say that?

A: No sir.

Q: You testified in he case of State vs. Haywood Paterson at Scottsboro, didn't you?

A: Yes sir.

Q: Referring to the Haywood Paterson record, Page #89, I will ask you if when you testified at Scottsboro you were not asked this question: "Q--

MR. LEIBOWITZ: Would you mind stepping away from the witness and obstructing the jury's view of General Knight.

GENERAL KNIGHT: Gentlemen I am sorry if I had obstructed your view, I want the jury to hear.

MR. LEIBOWITZ: He can hear from where you are standing.

GENERAL KNIGHT: That is all right, I will stand where I want to.

MR. LEIBOWITZ: You are at liberty to climb up in his lap if you want to.

* * * * * * * * * *

Q: How long did you watch the fight?

A: I didn't watch it no longer than I crossed over.

Q: You could see then when you were crossing over this gondola?

A: Yes sir.

Q: Who had then gun, which one had the gun?

A: I didn't see any gun.

Q: Didn't you hear any shooting?

A: No sir.

Q: And didn't see any women?

A: No sir.

Q: Did you see a fight?

A: Yes sir.

Q: How many were on each side in that fight?

A: I don't know sir, I didn't count them.

* * * * * * * * * *

Redirect Examination by Hon. Samuel S. Leibowitz

Q: Ozie tell us about how much schooling you have had in your life?

A: I ain't had over about three months.

Q: Had three months schooling in your whole life?

A: Yes sir.