"Did you ever hear of a more damnable effort to destroy and break down this girl? How did they do it?"

"That man Carter is a new kind of a man to me. Did you watch his hands? If he had been with Brodsky another two weeks he would have been down here with a pack on his back a-trying to sell you goods. Are you going to countenance that sort of thing?. . . ."

"Don't you know these people, these defense witnesses, are bought and paid for?"

"May the Lord have mercy on the soul of Ruby Bates!"

"Now the question in this case is this: "Is justice going to be bought and sold in Alabama with Jew money from New York?"

"It was Brodsky, too, who brought in Ruby Bates. The same Brodsky who put the fancy city clothes, New York clothes, on Lester Carter, and I tell you, gentlemen, the Ruby Bates was guilty of perjury right here in this court room. And there is such a thing as subornation of perjury. . . ."

"[Ruby Bates] couldn't tell you all the things that happened in New York because part of it was in the Jew language . . . ."