Ronald Goldman was a young, energetic man who lived a Southern Californian life filled with sports and outdoor activities. At age 25, Goldman was well liked by those around him. He was remembered by one of his baseball team members as "an inspiration to the team and an inspiration as a person."

Goldman was employed as a waiter at a trendy restaurant and occasionally as a model. He met a beautiful blonde, Nicole Brown-Simpson, who let him drive her Ferrari. He told coworkers that they were "only friends."

The Prosecution's theory behind Goldman's tragic death was that in the process of returning a pair of Brown-Simpson's glasses-- left at the restaurant by her mother--to her condo, Goldman became a innocent victim at the crime scene. Caught in the wrong place at the wrong time, Goldman was stabbed and slashed by his attacker, falling just a few feet from Brown-Simpson's body.

His father, Fred Goldman, said of his son: "He didn't deserve what happened." In memory of Goldman, his family inscribed on his tombstone the Egyptian symbol for eternal life, the ankh. This symbol had special meaning for Goldman, who had the ankh tattooed on his shoulder and wore one around his neck. The necklace Goldman had worn now hangs around the neck of his sister Kim, who wears it in his memory.