Allan Park was a limousine driver sent to take Simpson to the airport for his late-night flight to Chicago. Poised and intelligent, Park was an excellent witness for the prosecution, who saw him as one of the most significant witnesses in the Simpson case. Park's testimony was used by the prosecution to show that Simpson may not have been at the Rockingham mansion at the time of the murders.

After nine months of trial, and only hours of deliberation, the jury asked for the transcript of Park's testimony just prior to announcing their verdict. Still, of course, the verdict was "not guilty." Park said of the jury verdict, "I was shocked."

Park was disappointed by reports that one juror's dismissed his testimony based the fact that Park was unclear as to how many cars were parked in front of Simpson's Rockingham mansion the night of the murder. "I was so correct with everything else that if you're going to throw out my whole testimony on just the cars, then I think you should think about it again," Park said.

Park said following the trial that he just wanted to get on with his life.