Defendant’s Exhibit 346

U.S. v. Moussaoui

Cr. No. 01-455-A


Precedence: ROUTINE   Date: 08 / 22/ 2001




Oklahoma City

Investigative Services


Sq. 5 SA Harry M. Samit

RFU SSA Mike Maltbie

ALAT Joe Hummel

SA Scott Billings

IOU – 1 Stephen Cutler

From: Paris    
Contact: W. Jay Abbot 011-33-1-4312-2400    
Approved By: Ghimenti H. Enrique    
Drafted By: Abbott W. Jay    
Case ID #: (s) [199M-M2 – 60130] (Pending)    



aka Shaqil,

IT – Other


Synopsis: ___ To provide information received from the French…

Reference: ___ 199M-MF-60130 Serial 1

Administrative: ___ Reference August 16 and 17, 2001 telcals between Legat Paris_____. Refernce August 17, 2001 telcal between Legat Paris and FBI MP. Reference August 22, 2001 ____ fax to Legat Paris.

Enclosure (s): ____ For FBI MP: Legat Paris _______ and an dated August 23, 2001.

Details: _____ Legat Paris has been advised by_____ that the above-captioned subject, Zacarias Moussaoui became known _______ due to his association with a __________

To: Minneapolis

From: Paris

Re: 199M-MP-60130, 08 / 22 / 2001

DPOB: 1971 at Bazas, France (Department 33) father is from Benin. Died on April 12, 2000 in Chechnay fighting with the Mujahldeen. While in Chechnya, was a computer expert and workded for Emir Al – Khattabe Ibn, aka Al Soueilem Samer, a Saudi known as the Black Arabian and a Muhaldeen leader in Chechnya.

After _____ death, ________ interviewed _______ who advised that ___________ was recruited to to to Chechnya by Zacarias Moussaoui. _____ stated that Moussaoui was “the dangerous one.”

No further information was provided by ____ at this time.

_____ has requested a photograph of each of the pages of Moussaoui’s passport that show travel. They have requested the same for Hussein Al Hassan Al Attas as well as photograph of Attas.

To : Minneapolis

From: Paris

199M-MP-60130,  08 / 22 / 2001

LEAD (s) :

Set Lead 1 :


___ Provide quality photographs of each page of the passports held by Zacarias Moussaoui and Hussein Al Hassan Al Attas that show any stamps to Legat Paris for examination by ______. Provide a photograph of Attas.