(Account of Isaac Easty -- Case of Mary Easty)

Topsfield Septemb'r 8 th. 1710

Isaac Esty of Topsfield in the county of Essex in N.E. having been sorely exercis'd through the holy & awful providence of God depriving him of his beloved wife Mary Esty who suffered death in the year 1692 & under the fearfull odium of one of the worst of crimes that can be laid to the charge of mankind, as if she had been guilty of witchcraft a peice of wickedness witch I beleeve she did hate with perfect hatered & by all that ever I could see by her never could see any thing by her that should give me any reason in the lest to think her guilty of anything of that nature but am firmly persuaded that she was innocent of it as any to such a shameful death-Upon consideration of a notification from the Honored Generall Court desiring my self & others under the like circumstances to give some account of what my Estate was damnify'd by reason of such a hellish molestation do hereby declare which may also be seen by comparing papers & records that my wife was near upon 5 months imprisioned all which time I provided maintenance for her at my own cost & charge, went constantly twice aweek to provide for her what she needed 3 weeks of this 5 months she was in prision at Boston & I was constrained to be at the charge of transporting her to & fro. So that I can not but think my charge in time and money might amount to 20 pounds besides my trouble & sorrow of heart in being deprived of her after such a manner which this world can never make me any compensation for.

I order and appoint my son Jacob Esty Isaac 

to carry this to the Honored Committee

Esty sen'r

aged about 82 years

 Appointed by the Honored Generall

 Court & are to meet at Salem

 Sept 12 1710 Dated this 8th of Sept. 1710

 (Reverse) Mary Easty of Topsfield Condem'd & Executed

(Account of WIlliam Good - Cases of Sarah Good and Dorcas Good)

To The Honourable Committee

The humble representation of Will'm. Good of the Damage sustained by him in the year 1692. by reason of the sufferings of his family upon the account of supposed Witchcraft

1 My wife Sarah Good was In prision about four months & then Executed.

2 a sucking child dyed in prison before the Mothers Execution.

3 a child of 4 or 5 years old was in prison 7 or 8 months and being chain'd in the dungeon was so hardly used and terrifyed that she hath ever since been very chargeable haveing little or no reason to govern herself. - And I leave it up to the Honourable Court to Judge what damage I have sustained by such a destruction of my poor family- And so rest

Your Honours humble servant

William Good

Salem Sept. 13 1710

[And in another hand:] 30 lbs. proposed for to be allowed

(Governor Dudley's Order for Payment)

By his Excellency the Governor

Whereas the Generall Assembly in their last session accepted the report of their comitte appointed to consider of the Damages sustained by Sundry persons prosecuted for Witchcraft in the year 1692 viz't

To lb. s. d.
Elizabeth How 12 0 0
George Jacobs 79 0 0
Mary Easty 20 0 0
George Burroughs 50 0 0
Giles Cory & Wife 21 0 0
Rebeccah Nurse 25 0 0
John Willard 20 0 0
Sarah Good 30 0 0
Martha Carrier 7 6 0
Samuel Wardwell & Wife 36 15 0
John Procter and Wife 150 0 0
Sar[a]h Wild 14 0 0
Mary Bradbury 20 0 0
Abigail Faulkner 20 0 0
Anne Foster 6 10 0
Rebeccah Eames 10 0 0
Dorcas Hoar 21 17 0
Mary Post 8 14 0
Mary Lacey 8 10 0
  578 12 0

The whole amounting unto Five hundred seventy eight poundes and twelve shillings.

I doe by and with the advice and consent of Maj'tys council hereby order you to pay the sum above of five hundred seventy eight poundes & Twelve shillings to Stephen Sewall Esq'r. who together witht the gentelmen of the committe that Estimated and Reported the said damages are desired & directed to distribute the same in proportion as above to such of the said persons as are Living. and to those that legally represent them that are dead according as the law directs & for which this shall be your Warrant.

Given under my hand at BoSton the 17th day of December 1711

J. Dudley

(Reverse) Allowance to persons who were prosecuted for witchcraft

[To Mr Treasurer Taylor By order of the Governor & Council Isa Addington Secrty.]