(End of Smith's Personal Narrative)
History of the Church, Volume VI (pp. 532-546)

Joseph Smith, Jr.

....At 12, noon, orders were sent to the different guards and pickets to let persons pass and repass without hailing until further orders.
I issued the following:

NAUVOO, June 22ud, 1844.
To Col. Jonathan Dunham, Acting Major-General Nauvoo Legion:
SIR-You will proceed without delay, with the assistance of the Nau­voo Legion, to prepare the background [Eastern part] of said city for defense against an invasion by mobs, cause the Legion to be furnished with tents, and make your encampment in the vicinity of your labor.
Mayor of the City of Nauvoo, and Lieut.-Gen. Nauvoo Legion.
To Col. Jonathan Dunham, Major-General in command Nauvoo

At 6 p.m. I prophesied that in the sickly seasons sick­ness would enter into the houses of the mob and vex them until they would fain repent in dust and ashes. They will be smitten with the scab, &c....

It appears that the Governor, on arriving at Carthage, ordered the entire mob into service, adopted the lies and mis­representations circulated against us by our enemies as truth, turned Supreme Court, and decided on the legality of our municipal ordinances and proceedings, which is the business of the judiciary alone. He charges us in his letter, based upon most cursed false­hoods, with violations of law and order, which have never been thought of by us. He treated our delegates very rudely. My communications that were read to him were read in the presence of a large number of our worst ene­mies, who interrupted the reader at almost every line with, "That's a damned lie!" and "That's a G- d-d lie!" He never accorded to them the privilege of saying one word to him only in the midst of such interruptions as, "You lie like hell!" from a crowd of persons pres­ent. These facts show conclusively that he is under the influence of the mob spirit, and is designedly intending to place us in the hands of murderous assassins, and is conniving at our destruction, or else that he is so ignorant and stupid that he does not understand the corrupt and diabolical spirits that are around him....
I had a consultation for a little while with my brother Hyrum, Dr. Richards, John Taylor and John M. Bern­hisel, and determined to go to Washington and lay the matter before President Tyler.
About 7 p. m. I requested Reynolds Cahoon and Alph­eus Cutler to stand guard at the Mansion, and not to admit any stranger inside the house.

At sundown I asked O.P. Rockwell if he would go with me a short journey, and he replied he would....

I told Stephen Markham that if I and Hyrum were ever taken again we should be massacred, or I was not a prophet of God. I want Hyrum to live to avenge my blood, but he is determined not to leave me. *

*Here the direct narrative of the Prophet ends; what happened in the next few days of his life occurred under such circumstances as not to permit of his dictating an account of it to his secretary or clerks, as was his custom.

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