History of the Church, Volume VI

Joseph Smith, Jr.

Tuesday, June 25, 1814.-This morning the prisoners vol­untarily surrendered themselves to the constable, Mr. Bet­tisworth, who held the writ against them. The Governor was at headquarters in person, and had pledged his own faith and the faith of the state of Illinois, that the Smiths and other persons should be protected from personal violence, and should have a fair and impartial trial, if they would surrender them­selves to be dealt with according to law. During the Gov­ernor’s stay in Carthage, he repeatedly expressed to the legal counselors of the Smiths his determination to pro­tect the prisoners, and to see that they should have a fair and impartial examination.

At 8 a. m. President Smith had an interview with Wil­liam G. Flood of Quincy, U. S. Receiver of Public Moneys. While in conversation with him, Constable David Bettisworth arrested Joseph for treason against the state of Illinois, with the following writ, which had been granted on the oath of Augustine Spencer:

Writ of Arrest on the Charge of Treason – Joseph Smith.

The people of the State of Illinois, to all sheriffs, coroners and constables of said state greeting:

Whereas complaint has been made before me, one of the justices of the peace in and for said county aforesaid, upon the oath of Augustine Spencer, that Joseph Smith, late of the county aforesaid, did, on or about the nineteenth day of June. A. D. 1844, at the county and state aforesaid, commit the crime of treason against the government and people of the State of Illinois aforesaid.
These are therefore to command you to take the said Joseph Smith if he be found in your county, or if he shall have fled, that you pursue after the said Smith into another county within this state, and take and safely keep the said Joseph Smith, so that you have his body forthwith before me to answer the said complaint and be further dealt with accord­ing to law.
Given under my hand and sea1 this 24th day of June, A,D. 1844.
R. F. SMITH, J. P.

Hyrum Smith was also arrested at the same time for treason on the same writ, granted in the affidavit of Henry O. Norton...

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